Personal Financial Advisor

Identify Goals 

I will meet with clients to assess their financial situation before any recommendations are made.  Any time a client experiences a major life change (marriage, job change, family growth), there is need to re-evaluate the previous goals.  Once recommendations are made, I will work to ensure a manageable progressive plan with attainable goals is completed.

Develop a Plan of Action

I will assist individuals to manage their finances. Personal financial conselor provides advice on a range of issues such as savings, bill paying or requests that the clients need help with.  It also takes into account critical, basic information such as age (time horizon), financial goals (saving for education, buying a home, preserving capital, or generating income) and an appetite for risk and reward.  Financial plans can use variables to predict future cash flows and implement a routine to ensure one’s readiness for the future.

Maintain Financial Stability

While the majority of financial plans will include research into and considerations of the client’s life goals and projected expense levels, I will take time to incorporate unique aspects of each client’s financial journey, including attitudes towards saving, budgeting, and continued education about financial topics. I will show clients how to adjust their spending to adapt to changes in real life situations.  I will also teach life money management skills (i.e. budgeting, spending plans, balancing a check book, obtaining an auto loan). 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]